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LA’s Fabulous Food Gems: Furaibo

January 11, 2011

I have a weakness for Japanese cuisine  – it’s comfort food for me.  I’m also a big fan of restaurants that serve  small plates because it allows me to try a variety of dishes.  Furaibo’s izakaya style is pretty much perfect for me – small portions of Japanese food shared by everyone at the table.  The authenticity goes past the food – the woodsy look and feel with tatami rooms in the back is reminiscent of what you might find in Tokyo.  It’s very reasonably priced, AND they are open late – 11pm during the week, 11:30pm on the weekend. Most importantly, the food is amazing. I’ve never had anything here I didn’t like, so even if you don’t recognize many of the dishes, you can’t really go wrong.

*pictures to come soon*

Menu Must-Haves:

Agedashi Tofu: Furaibo is where I feel in love with this delicious dish, and I have yet to find it done better anywhere else. The tofu cubes are lightly fried making their seasoned coating a perfect golden crisp. They sit in a warm dashi sauce and are topped with finely chopped daikon. I always add a few dashes of chili powder for extra flavor, and often end up getting 2 orders because I just can’t get enough!

Satsuma Imo: Quite possibly my favorite croquettes ever.  Golden sweet potatoes mashed into a smooth consistency then formed into hockey puck sized patties, coated in panko crumbs, and served piping hot with a side of sweet katsu dipping sauce, slice of butter, and spicy mustard.  This one is not to be missed.

Age Nasu: This dish is very similar to Agedashi Tofu, but uses succulent cubes of eggplant instead. There is not a hint of bitterness or toughness in the skin and the vegetable goes so well with the dashi sauce. Even if you don’t like eggplant, you will like this.

Yaki Onigiri: So simple, but oh so good.  A triangular shaped ball of steamed rice brushed generously with soy sauce and then grilled. Doesn’t get more authentic Japanese than this.

Soft Shell Crab: These days you can find soft shell crab on most seafood restaurant’s menu, but this one is definitely a stand-out. The crab is coated in a thin tempura-like batter, fried, and accompanied with a ponzu sauce, finely chopped chives, and minced daikon radish.  I’ve enjoyed this dish with people who don’t even like seafood and are surprised to find they love eating a whole crab – shell, legs, and all.


2068 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025-6230

(310) 444-1432