LA’s Fabulous Food Gems: Intro

While there are a number of cities in the US that are considered “culinary meccas” and have thousands of amazing places to eat, I think there are two key things that really set Los Angeles apart in the food world:

1) The variety of ethnic restaurants

2) The ‘strip mall’ phenomenon

Some of LA’s  best eateries can ironically be found among the many strip malls that are ubiquitous in this urban sprawl.    I went to see my favorite TV personality, Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations), speak at Royce Hall (UCLA) a few months ago and was thrilled when these were two characteristics he cited when asked what he thought made LA’s food scene so great. What can I say, great minds think alike.

Because I’ve tried too many amazing places to name (and still have so many more to explore), it’s almost impossible for me to have a “favorite” restaurant.  So, I decided to share a list of some, and I emphasize – SOME –  LA restaurants that I consider to be true gems – a few of them very hidden gems.  Most of these picks are ones that aren’t talked about a lot and that deserve much more attention.

Look out for a post on each of them over the next few weeks, hopefully with just enough tantalizing info to spike your interest enough to go check them out.

First up…Wat Dong Moon Lek Noodles in Silverlake.

View of Los Angeles from Runyon Canyon

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