Massive Mounds of Meat – The Best BBQ in Texas

As mentioned in my first post, my New Year’s trip to Austin basically revolved around my meals.  Naturally, it being my first trip to Texas, my top priority was to have the best BBQ I could possibly find.  I didn’t want anything fancy, trendy, or touristy – I was looking for the real thing.  While having dinner on my first night in Austin, I asked a local where I needed to go to get the best of the best.  Without hesitation, he said “You have to go to Lockhart – it’s the BBQ capital of Texas”.

Lockhart is a tiny town about 30 mins south of Austin. There are four famous BBQ restaurants, and all had rave reviews, but I chose the one that had been recommended to me: Kreuz Market (pronounced “Krites”).

Even though it was 3pm, the place was PACKED.  I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like during peak lunch hour!  I loved the family style, casual ambience. There were two giant rooms of huge wooden tables and each room had a long line – My friend and I strategized – he took the condiment line to pick up some jalapenos and avocados, and I tackled the meat.  While I was waiting and pondering what to order, I noticed this awesome sign and knew this place was as real as it gets:

Meat is ordered by the pound and served up on butcher paper.  The place didn’t even serve sides – they had their priorities straight.  I wanted to try EVERYTHING on the menu so I asked for half a pound of their pork ribs (which is what I was most excited about), a quarter pound of prime rib (a friend I made while standing in the 25 minute long line said I HAD to try it), one regular sausage, one jalapeno-cheese sausage, and ¾ pounds of beef brisket for my friend.  I was salivating as I watched the man take the prime rib straight out of the smoker and cut it into thin, juicy slices.

They threw in some pieces of sliced bread and saltine crackers, but I knew I wasn’t going to be wasting any stomach space with those.

Now, I’m usually a hot sauce kind of girl but I didn’t even dare ask for BBQ sauce as I was told it would be taken as a major insult.  And sure enough, as soon as I bit into my first rib, I knew why the sauce wasn’t needed – the flavor explosion in my mouth was insane, and the meat was so tender I barely had to chew.  I can safely say the peppery spice rub made these ribs the best I’ve ever had.

The sausages were incredible – glistening and juicy, they had just enough spice for my taste.  The casing was super thin and the sausage was deliciously flavored with hints of jalapeno that didn’t over power the meat.

The prime rib lived up to its rave review – It was so tender and meaty.  Not a lot of spice was incorporated, but it didn’t need it; The cut of meat and the way it cooked in the smoker did enough to infuse the perfect amount of flavor.

My friend and I left Kreuz Market extremely pleased with ourselves for getting through almost 2 pounds of meat.  Even though I didn’t have many points of comparison in the land of BBQ, I knew I had experienced one of the best.  Next time you are in Texas and in driving distance of Lockhart, you can’t pass up a stop at the famous Kreuz Market.


(512) 398-2361

619 North Colorado Street, Lockhart, TX 78644-2110

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